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A Holistic Approach Horse Training & Care

Miellie Meadows is an organic, 50-acre farm, horse boarding, training, and rehabilitation facility in Agassiz, BC for people who wish to take a holistic approach to horses.  

What we focus on is the quiet, calm, workman-like environment that horses require. There is so much to learn about horses, and we wish to share this with our members.

This is why we offer a special opportunity for kids to learn and explore the magical world of horses, giving them an opportunity to learn about the effort and kindness required to love and care for a horse. 

*Please Note: We Do Not Offer Trail Riding*



Miellie Meadows is truly a labour of love; combining a passion for horses, A love of the sport, competition horse, and the knowledge that a natural and healthy lifestyle for horses and humans is extremely important for health, well being and success.

 Miellie Meadows’ focus on positive interaction enables boarders, riders, and their horses to receive the best possible experience.


Spend some time with horses - from one-on-one horse care, riding time, photography. All ages and abilities are welcome. 

$150 for 1 hour
$200 for 1.5 hours 
$250 for 2 hours

Custom pricing available. 

Riding Lessons Monthly Packages

For anyone aged 16+ who is interested in learning more about horses, riding horses and horse care.

Single Lesson - $100

4+ Lessons:
On own horse - $65 each
On our horse - $85 each

Custom pricing available. 


Make your photography dreams a reality at Miellie Meadows and let the timeless beauty of our property and horses become the canvas for your next masterpiece.

Whether you're looking for stunning horse portraits, romantic engagement shots, or family portraits, Miellie Meadows is the perfect location for any photography project.

Inquire for Details.

Pony Parties

Birthdays, Celebrations or Just for fun!

Are you in search of an exciting idea to make your child’s birthday party extra special? Look no further! Miellie Meadows presents an enchanting pony-themed party experience for your child’s special day or any other memorable occasion.

At Miellie Meadows, children have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the picturesque surroundings of our farm and make friends with our delightful animals. They’ll have ample time for guided pony rides and pony cart adventures, all with our adorable miniature horses and ponies. Afterward, the fun continues in our Pony Party Room.

Our expert staff will be on hand to help the children mount the ponies and enjoy a ride around our indoor ring. On beautiful days, we can also venture outside for some outdoor fun. We also offer the charming Miniature Horse Prince and a delightful little wagon for those children who simply want to savor the enchanting pony experience.

Feel free to bring your own cake and snacks; we’ll take care of the cleanup for you, or, we can tailor the experience to your specific preferences, ensuring that you have everything you need to create the most memorable party experience possible!

1 Pony - 6 Kids


2 Ponies - 12 Kids


2 Ponies + 1 Horse




Inspire a life long love affair with HORSEs

Unicorn Club is the perfect place for kids to discover not only the magical world of horses, but themselves too! Through our hands-on programming, members will take part in daily horse care, safety, etiquette, first aid, horsemanship, and learn the basics of riding. We are passionate about building an all inclusive community, and take the time to encourage empathy, compassion, and self esteem.

Along the way, our members are surrounded by committed and passionate teachers who create a safe and inclusive environment for kids to discover their passions. We believe there is no better place to grow and develop than outdoors, sharing your passion with your peers.



SATURDAYS 11am - 12:30pm


SATURDAYS 12:30pm - 2pm


TBA - Inquire about Times

Join Our Unicorn Club

We are passionate about building an all inclusive community, and take the time to encourage empathy, compassion, and self esteem.

Annual Membership


Our annual membership is our most economical option and is perfect for those who want to join for the whole school year.

Monthly Membership


Our monthly membership is a great option for kids who want to give the club a try or only want to join for a season.

Riding Lessons

add-onMonthly pricing

We offer private or semi-private monthly lesson packages as an add-on to our Unicorn Club members with one of our amazing horses or ponies.

IMG_0601 (1)

our rehabilitation and training programs are a minimum of 3 months - pricing is based on the needs of you and your horse.


A horse is an amazing animal of grace and power. Often, these athletes can incur injuries during their intense careers. These injuries are often minor and sometimes major. Whatever the case, at Miellie Meadows, sport horses in need of either short term or intensive rehabilitation receive the optimum chance for a full recovery.  Their specialized equipment, dedicated and trained staff, onsite veterinarian services and barn layout ensures that little stress, either emotionally or physically is experienced by either the horse or the owner.

Full Horse Boarding Services

Miellie Meadows is a premium equine facility that is both accessible and affordable to the Fraser Valley equestrian community. We offer a unique and comprehensive equine rehabilitation program, horse show and clinic facilities, full care boarding, clinics and lessons, A staff of professionals is available for all facets of veterinary care, equine therapy, natural hoof trimming, and riding instruction.

From the specialist arena footing to the boarder’s shower we ensure that both horse and rider have everything they need to be comfortable throughout their time at Miellie Meadows. If you are interested in boarding or hosting an event, Miellie Meadows offers many benefits including access to all amenities and features

Indoor Boarding

In our 12×14 rubber matted stalls with attached turn-outs. Includes 3 feedings per day of Organic hay grown on-site, or the option of providing your own specialized hay. 

Starting at $800 per month plus tax. 

Pasture Boarding

Field board or dry-lot board in small or medium groups, with shelters. Includes 3 feedings per day of Organic hay grown on-site. 

Starting at $650 per month plus tax. 

Mare & Foal Care

Specialized care for mares and foals before, during and after birth. 

Starting at $1200 per month plus tax. 

Special & Rehab

Specializing in hoof rehabilitation, post-surgery care, and many other injuries and stress-related illness. 

Starting at $1200 per month plus tax

Book a tour to see our facility & create the perfect program for you and your horse.

50 Acre Holistic Equestrian Farm & Facilities

Outdoor Riding arena

New 100ft x 200ft all-weather outdoor arena with bleachers.

Indoor Riding Arena

80 ft x 200 ft sand indoor riding arena with specialized footing and heated viewing area as well as covered round training pen.

Full Amenities

Heated wash stalls, grooming areas, washrooms with showers, heated locker room, viewing lounge with kitchen.

rubber matted stalls

12x14ft rubber matted stalls with attached paddocks.

Infrared Equine Solarium

Infrared Equine Solarium for equine rehab and therapy.

Organic Local Hay

30 acres of Miellie Meadows are dedicated to growing organic hay. We offer specialized feed programs for each horse.

testimonials from our loyal customers

Miel cannot be broken down into mere words, so I will leave only a few to describe the careful and loving hands she gives our aging geldings: skilled, tender, communicative, familial, eager, and open-minded. She believes in a natural and horse-forward approach to stewardship when it comes to offering housing and care, and it shows in the outcome of their quality of lives. We have two geldings who are in their later years, and they have been in the best of hands throughout their years with Miel. She hires excellent staff, trains them well, and personally works daily within the ranks, giving her eyes and hands and ears, and nose! as to the goings on of the lives of her charges. As you can see the facilities are top notch, in a gorgeous setting, and away from hustle and bustle. I cannot gush enough about this magical place.
Ital Lea
Mielle Meadows is like a secret garden. They offer so much for a little family horse business. Organic Veggies and honey and more! The horses are happy and the people friendly. I find equine energy soothing and I was welcomed by the owner to sit at one of the picnic tables to absorb it after a healthy grocery purchase. Thank you Miel!
Jade River
Amazing Place, People and Energy here! What they have created over the last 20 years is a hidden gem in the area for your horse and you to enjoy. Top Notch Care!
Wolftrac Safety
Incredibly beautiful landscape. Amazing family run farm with gardens and the horses, bees, and hay farming. The equestrian component is state of the art and the horses live in the most beautiful barn where they have accommodations and care better than most 5 star hotels. So loved are all the animals and so happy. The work despite being hard and long days is made to look effortless because it is done with so much love. ❤️ I just arrived and I’m looking forward to helping, working to prepare the gardens. I look forward to helping build and sharing and learning alongside the family and within their organic community. Absolutely breathtaking! A sublime and magical surroundings.
Kimberley Anne McKay
Organic place with great caring and pureness of heart !
Robert Bernstein
I'm in absolute awe of Miellie Meadows- the abundance of delicious & nutritious Real Food infused with love, either straight from the garden or made into awesome jams, kombuchas, & sweets!!! The farm itself has amazing energy which no doubt stems from the high, fun-lovin' vibes of the family- Miel, Claus, Sage, & Jade. Stoked to go back & visit!! ☺️
Lisa Hau
Just like family
Tara Mintenko